The freedom
of riding a bike

England, 60s of the last century. Young rockers converted motorcycles into sports models. They met in the Ace Café in London, and raced with their machines from café to café. The Café Racer was born. These sharp and sturdy machines were the inspiration for our motorbikes. With their slim design and resentful character they take you wherever you need to be, café or no café!

Our models

Artboard 1 copy
Bullit Bluroc Gold Black


The most asked of our range.
Feels like home on any road.

Bullit Heritage black


Small and handy.
Back to the past with this retro look.

Bullit Hero 50


A boss on the road.
A boss on the bike. This bike is the boss.

Bullit Hunt S Black


Made to hunt with the killing look

Bullit Spirit Gold Black


Small and handy.
Back to the past with this retro look.

Gulf Limited Edition

Bullit motorcycles partnered up with Gulf and came with a limited edition motorcycle.


Artboard 1 copy
Bullit metal plate green
Metal plate
Bullit Motorcycles green 600x420
Metal plate
Cityride or countryride 600x420
Metal plate Bullit
Metal plate
Bullit motorcycles 420x300

From business man to rocker

There is a bullit for everyone

What a pleasure to drive a Bullit during a nice summer sunset


Bullit motorcycles


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